Thursday, September 11, 2014


Encouragement for your daily walk with God

There is a danger in complacent hearts; they are neither stirred by what God is doing, nor affected by what He promises to do. At best, a complacent heart leads to a wasted life, and at worst, to a tragedy of eternal proportions!

That’s why the Scriptures repeatedly say to live with thankful hearts [see Isaiah 51:3; Psalm 50:23; 100:4]. When the heart is not saturated in thanksgiving, it immediately begins to dry out, harden, and fail.

The Scriptures also teaches us to repent—arguably the best antidote to complacency! Repentance leads to exuberant celebration of the grace and mercy of God, while a complacent heart refuses to flinch or bleed.

A complacent heart will not soak up God’s love nor bask in His forgiveness. Repentance and thanksgiving revives us and quickens the thrill and wonder of humble worship to the Lord our God.

At that time I will search Jerusalem with lamps and punish those who are complacent, those who say in their hearts, the LORD will do nothing, either good or bad. Zephaniah 1:12 

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