Friday, May 20, 2016

Peace with God — Perpetual Joy

Encouragement for your daily walk with God 

I’ve heard Christ followers say that the sacrificial system didn’t allow for spontaneous praise to God. Granted, the Mosaic Law was complex and ritualistic, but it did not exclude an eruption of praise. In fact, there was a sacrifice for that very purpose. In the sacrificial system all but one of the sacrifices were for propitiation, dedication, or expiation. The one offering brought to the Wilderness Tabernacle or Jerusalem Temple out of the overflow of the worshipper’s heart was the Peace Offering. 

The Peace Offering was given when a worshipper wanted to celebrate the peace they enjoyed with God. It was offered under three circumstances: for thanksgiving, for the payment of a vow, or as an expression of the worshipper’s goodwill [see Leviticus 7:11-18]. 

The Peace Offering was also know as the...

Free Will Offering - given freely in response to God’s unsought generosity. 

Vow Offering - given to celebrate an answer to prayer after a person vowed to praise the Lord.

Confession or Praise Offering - given when someone was in dire need of deliverance.

All of these are seen in Scripture. Hannah is a great example of the Vow Offering. She dedicated Samuel to the Lord to commemorate the payment of a vow [see 1 Samuel 1:21-28. Another example is Psalm 22:22-31.]

By the way, the Peace Offering was the only sacrifice that the worshippers could eat. Only part of the animal, and a little grain, was offered, and the remaining meat was enjoyed by the worshipper and anyone else in the vicinity of the sanctuary [Leviticus 7:11-18]. Being at peace with God was worthy of celebrating with a great feast.

Israel’s Peace Offering is a reminder that we should never forget or take lightly the peace we have with the Lord. Because of Christ atoning work on Calvary’s cross, we have peace with God. Paul declared, “For He Himself [Jesus] is our peace [Ephesians 2:14]. That is a reason to erupt in praise and to proclaim the good things He has done for us. Peace with God is a cause for perpetual joy!

This is the law of the sacrifice of peace offerings that one may offer to the Lord. Leviticus 7:11 [through 21]

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