Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Very Words of God

Encouragement for your daily walk with God 

God is the ultimate source of the Bible even though He employed human language through human beings. That’s why we can have complete confidence that divine revelation never contradicts itself. When we speak of Scripture, we can confidently say that it came from God Himself. 

Paul’s statement to Timothy is arguably the most important text concerning this. He wrote, “All Scripture is given by the inspiration [breathed-out] of God” [2 Timothy 3:16]. Breathed-out is the best way to render the Greek word theopneustos. It is the most literal way to convey its meaning in English. Think about it for just a moment. Human speech requires us to exhale, to breathe out. As we breathe out, air from our lungs vibrates the vocal chords. The different frequencies produce sounds that our mouth forms into words. Since God breathed out the words of the Bible, they are His words, even though they were written down by human authors. In that sense, it’s as if God had taken a pen and written the words Himself.

Our culture considers us foolish for living by the teaching of Scripture. That’s because it sees science as rational thinking, and anyone believing in the Bible as irrational, unthinking bigots. Unfortunately, many Christ followers cave in from the cultural pressure and adopt a low view of Scripture’s divine origin. A Christ follower’s confidence in Scripture is not based on a fearful rejection of what science can legitimately prove. Rather, we conform our lives to Scripture because they are the very words of God. In other words, a Christ follower has no option but to believe and live by what “thus sayeth the Lord!”

Firm confidence in the Word of God will enable you to stand firm through all the difficulties of life. What the Bible says, the Lord says. That’s why Christ followers love, and obey the Scriptures.

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God… 2 Timothy 3:16a

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