Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Don’t Play with Fire

Encouragement for your daily walk with God 

I can hear it now, as plainly as day, “Rickey, don’t play with fire!” I can tell you why that warning came from my parents so many times, but then, I’d never get to this devotion. For many, the words “Don’t play with fire” were enough. For others of us, it took a few blisters to get the message — from playing carelessly with matches, to touching a hot stove, to walking on hot, campfire coals, well you get the point.

With these kind of dangers in mind, you can easily understand why the proverb “if you play with fire, you get burned” is so memorable. When handled carelessly, fire causes a variety of injuries. We should pay close attention to the proverb. The imagery can be used in a broader context as a warning to not get involved with potentially dangerous situations or people. When we do, it’s hard to escape injury — “If you play with fire…”

Far too many Christ followers think they can entertain temptation, or stay close to a particular sin and not get burned; fall into transgression. That alone shows us the importance of this proverb. Here’s what I suggest: Avoid those occasions, places, and people where you might find yourself playing with the fire of sin. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Likewise, don’t compromise the holiness to which the Lord has called us.

Can you build a fire in your lap and not burn your pants? Can you walk barefoot on hot coals and not get blisters? Proverbs 6:27-28 (The MESSAGE Paraphrase)

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