Monday, August 8, 2016

I’m-All-In, Go-For-Broke, Put-Everything-On-The-Line Kind of Faith

Encouragement for your daily walk with God 

I think every Christ follower, at some time or another, has snickered at something that the Apostle Peter said or did before he really thought things through. (It’s a “holy snicker,” of course, because we would never do such things!) But wait a minute! We have to admit that ol’ Pete provided us with some amazing displays of faith. Like the time he walked on water.

Read about it in Matthew 14. After feeding the 5,000, Jesus sent the disciples home while He went to a place of prayer. After nightfall, a storm arose and the disciples struggled at the oars [Mark 6:48]. At about 3:00 AM, Jesus took a stroll on the water. When they recognized it was Jesus, and not a ghost, Peter asked if he could come be with Him. Jesus responded, “Sure, if you want, we can take a stroll together” (my very loose translation of Matthew 14:29).

Peter went over the side of the ship and walked toward Jesus. That was an “I’m-All-In, Go-For-Broke, Put-Everything-On-The-Line” kind of faith moment. There wasn’t a back up plan here. No water wings. No back door. No safety net. It was just walk or sink! 

How was that possible? It was faith on Peter’s part, but only as he kept his eyes on Jesus. When you focus on Jesus, and not on your circumstances, you can do amazing things. 

“Yes, come,” Jesus said. So Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus.   Matthew 14:29

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