Thursday, June 29, 2017

We Live in God

Encouragement for your daily walk with God 

Do you want to live in the perfect house for your soul? Your first question may be, “Well, how much would that cost?” Have I got good news for you! You can put your checkbook away because there’s no monetary transaction needed. That’s because the house I’m referring to is God Himself. The price of living in God is loving and serving Him forever. 

What a house it is. It is well stocked with enough spiritual food to last a lifetime. When you are weary, it is the perfect place to rest. It even comes with clothing; it’s filled with garments of righteousness of every size. And talk about a view, everywhere you look, heaven is in view. 

One more thing about this house: it’s a place of safety and security. It will last forever! When all other houses have melted away, this house remains imperishable; self-existent as God, because it is God… “we live in Him and He lives in us.”

And God has given us His Spirit as proof that we live in Him and He in us. 1 John 4.13 [emphasis mine]

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