Friday, November 3, 2017

Never Changing

Encouragement for your daily walk with God 

Yesterday was Throw-Back-Thursday in FaceBook language. I posted a picture of myself from 1968, a throwback to when I was 18 years old. There were several comments that followed, but the most truthful response came in a private MESSAGE: “Boy, you’ve really changed!” 

Change! Everything has changed or is changing. Even the sun is getting dimmer with age. And it was Jesus, Himself, who said, “Heaven and earth will pass away” [Matthew 24.35]. There is, however, an immortal One, in whose person there is no change, and of His years there is no end. James said that with God “there is no variableness, neither is there shadow of turning” [James 1.17].

Whatever God was in the past remains the same. Whatever attributes were His in the past, they are now: His power, His wisdom. His justice, His truth, His love — all the same. He was, and now is, the refuge of His people, their stronghold in the day of trouble, their steadfast Helper.

One great truth that brings joy to the heart of every Christ follower is that God loves His people. One prophet said it is with “an everlasting love” [Jeremiah 31.3]. He loved His people then, He loves them now; His love “endures forever!” [Psalm 136.18].

For I the Lord do not change. Malachi 3.6

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