Thursday, November 6, 2014


Encouragement for your daily walk with God

Legacies. We’ll all leave one, but what kind? How will the memory of your life be passed down in posterity? Perhaps it’s something one thinks about the older he gets. I know that is true of me.   

Perhaps you’re thinking “I’m a nobody, who cares?” Or, “I’m not a scientist, inventor, philosopher, politician, banker—I’m not a person of status—why does it matter?” The truth of the matter is you will leave a legacy one way or another!

Dr. James Moffatt [1870-1944], a distinguished theologian, pastor, and professor, once said, "Death is never the last word in the life of a [saint]. When a man leaves this world, be he righteous or unrighteous, he leaves something in the world. He may leave something that will grow and spread like a cancer or a poison, or he may leave something like the fragrance of perfume or a blossom of beauty that permeates the atmosphere with blessing.”

We can go back to the beginning of human history to witness that truth. Here are two names: Cain and Abel. If you are a Christ follower, and have read the biblical account, you know their legacies, don’t you?

Cain was the first to take the life of another. He was the first who attempted to please God apart from faith by offering a sacrifice of his own choosing. Abel, on the other hand, was the first man of faith, offering the appropriate sacrifice to God. Even in his brief time on earth, the Bible affirms his righteous life [Hebrews 11:4]. 

Cain left a legacy alright; one of rebellion, heartache, and judgement. Abel’s legacy was righteousness and saving faith. Now comes the big question: What legacy will you leave for future generations? The character of your life will determine the legacy you leave to others.

By faith Abel offered to God a better sacrifice than Cain, through which he obtained the testimony that he was righteous, God testifying about his gifts, and through faith, though he is dead, he still speaks. Hebrews 11:4

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