Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I Just Want to Thank You

Encouragement for your daily walk with God 

I woke up this morning before 3:00 and, realizing that I wouldn’t go back to sleep, I started my daily routine. Cup of coffee in hand, I went to my home office, opened the Scriptures, and began to meditate on the Lord. It wasn’t long before a song kept repeating itself in my mind. It was an old Andre Crouch song, Take a Little Time. I found myself praying some of the words of that song, “I just want to thank You.” 

Where the thought came from, I don’t know, but it struck me that my prayer was a little too simple. I’m a pastor, and that makes me a professional pray-er, right? Maybe my prayer should have been a little more theological. Perhaps I should have thrown in a few “wouldest” and “couldest” to make it sound more holy, or something.

“I just want to thank You.” To quote the future mayor of Hill Valley, Goldie Wilson, in Back to the Future, “I like the sound of that!” Simple? Yes. But more importantly, from the heart.

“I” - Personal, not theoretical. Intimate.

“Just” - If it’s the only thing I accomplish today, that’s fine. I may not have lofty words, and that’s fine too. I just have something to say.

“Want” -  This is my deep desire.

“Thank You” - The object of my gratitude is not an ethereal, cosmic everything. It’s God the Father, the Creator of everything; Christ, who died and rose again for me; and the Holy Spirit, my constant Helper and Guide.

“I just want to thank You” may just be the highest praise you can offer God.

Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good. His love endures forever. Psalm 136.1

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  1. Yes, and Amen! And I loved that song, especially when I first heard it sung by Andrea, himself...back in October, 1971, at the Clovis High School Auditorium, Clovis, California! What wonderful memories, along with having Rick Hill as a member of the first New Life Singers, WCBC. 1971!!