Friday, July 14, 2017

Choose Wisely

Encouragement for your daily walk with God 

One of my Bible College professors was fond of saying, “Life is a series of choices.” He was right. And, when as Christ followers we are confronted with decisions, temptations, and priorities, we can choose wisely or unwisely. No one has a perfect record when it comes to making the “right” decision. Hopefully, we learn from our mistakes so that, in the future, we make better choices. 

Choosing wisely:

Leads to eternal blessings rather than short-term happiness 
Leads to peace and contentment rather than misery
Leads to success rather than failure

Ultimately, choosing wisely will glorify God and expand our faith. One of our greatest choices is to obey Christ in all things. Obedience doesn’t come naturally, even to Christ followers. We choose to follow Christ every day in order to live a life of faithfulness to God. That means we must choose:

To make time to pray
To feast on God’s Word
To walk by faith 
To witness for Christ
To live for Christ and not ourselves
To make God our top priority

Now the big question: What kind of choices are you making? Are they earth-bound or kingdom oriented? Your choices reflect your faith in God. Do your choices reflect a weak or strong faith? If the answer is “weak,” confess it right now. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in making wise choices and to give you strength to step out in faith.

Then they will call on Me, but I will not answer; they will seek Me diligently but they will not find Me, because they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of the LORD. Proverbs 1.28-29

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