Friday, July 21, 2017

When You Pray

Encouragement for your daily walk with God 

Is there a Rule Book for prayer? In my lifetime, I’ve read many books on prayer. I’ve even written a book about it: “But You, When You Pray.” It contains my thoughts about the Lord’s Prayer. Rather than rules, here are some guidelines that will help you if prayer has become a burden rather than delight.

Be aware of to Whom you are speaking. Think about it this way, it’s easy for the mind to wander if you’re in a conversation with someone you find boring, isn’t it? In prayer, you’re in the presence of the Almighty. How could that ever be boring! I would argue that it is insulting to God to be bored in His presence. So, set your heart and mind as befitting those who enter the presence of ultimate greatness.

Don’t ask God for what is improper. It’s profane to implore God’s blessing to fulfill sinful desires. God doesn’t want everyone driving a Rolls Royce! 

Pray with passion. Cute little prayers repeated perfunctorily will get you nowhere. People who pray this way often feel they are fulfilling an obligation to God. Prayer should never be considered the performance of a task to God. 

Accompany your prayers with repentance. I call this being submissive to God. John Calvin said that submission “casts down all haughtiness, [and] we have numerous examples in the servants of God. The holier they are, the more humbly they prostrate themselves when they come into the presence of the Lord."

When you pray, remember who God is and remember who you are. If you keep these two things in mind, your prayers will be characterized by adoration and confession. Prayer is a priceless treasure that God has offered to His people.

The end of all things is at hand; therefore be serious and watchful in your prayers. 1 Peter 4.7

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